Payments not approved


In the notification tray in the top menu, you will find the overview of “Payments not approved”.:


On this list you will find all payments that the system can’t automatically verify, as the students start or end a course or instrument hire within the range of dates between "Last full price date" and "Free after this date".

Check Settings -> Tuition fee to edit the range of dates for the Tuition fees:

To put in other words, payments must be approved whenever students start the course mid-term or de-register before the end of term. 

IMPORTANT! These payments must be approved before they can be added to an draft and posted (invoiced)

Fields and features:

“Reason” column: Press “>” to see the reason for the payment not being approved automatically, and how the Fee is calculated.

“Payment for” – is an active field, so you can add a note that will be shown on the invoice for this payment.

"Fee" column: Here the system proposes a price calculated on the number of lessons the student has had (discontinue in the term) or possible can get (started in the middle of term), and multiplied by the price stated in "Fee per Lesson" on the Tuition fee data sheet.

This price is only a proposal based on the data registered for the Tuition fee. You can edit and change the price stated in the field.

"Accept" button: Here you approve the amount set in the "Price"column. Alternatively, you can select the arrow and:

  • Set the fee to 0 GBP and approve.
  • Set the fee to the full amount registered for the Tuition fee. The amount will be set but not yet approved and submitted.
  • Set the fee to the full amount registered for the Tuition fee and approve. Here the amount is approved and submitted at the same time.


You can use the "Reason" column to see how Speedadmin calculated the suggested price and why the payment was flagged for approval.

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