The re-registration function differs from the registration process as it is a function availiable to allready registered students that have had tuition in the current school year.

Whereas the registration form displays all availiable tuition through the "Registration tree" the re-registration function enables the students/parents to select "re-registration" when logged into Speedadmin.

Here the courses or ensembles the student is registered on or has been attending within the current school year are listed. The student can choose to continue on the courses or ensembles for the next school year.

Within this process there are 3 main advantages:

  1. It's easy for the student to select and continue on the course or ensemble for the next school year, making sure that the student will recieve the same type of tuition as in the current schoolyear.
  2. In this process the student has to confirm or update his personal information and the information of the parent/guardian aswell.
  3. Students with courses on the waiting list have to confirm their course to remain on the waiting list which gives the oportunity to get a up-to-date picture if the students are still interrested in their slot on the waiting list. This can be usefull later on in the "Clearing of waiting list" function.

Before working on the re-registration setup 2 basic resources need to be in place in Speedadmin:

  1. The new school year has to be created. If the current school year is "school year 16/17" and the "school year 17/18" is not created in SETTINGS -> (School year) MASTER DATA it won't be possible to re-register.
  2. In the case that students have to re-register on ensembles they need to be copied from the current school year into the new school year created in MASTER DATA. This can be done through SETTINGS -> (School year) HANDLING

In the "Handling" menu it is possible to select ensembles that one wishes to continue in the new school year under the tab "copy ensembles", marking the ensembles with the help of checkboxes and pressing "copy selection to next school year".

It is important to note that it is required to have the current school year selected in speedadmin when copying the ensembles since they are copied FROM the current school year INTO the next school year. ENSEMBLES do differ from courses since they need to be copied each school year.

Preparing and setting up the re-registration process

After the basic elements for a re-registration are in place:

  • School year has been created
  • Ensembles have been copied

It is necessary to define if the courses and the ensembles should be open for re-registration.

For each course, course type and ensemble there is the possibility to set if each type of tuition should be open for re-registration. To give an easy overview and be able to change the status there is a dedicated list in Speedadmin.


2. Once you have chosen the tab "REGISTRABLE COURSES"you will encounter several filter options on top. Set the filters according to your preferences for an easier overview and in case you wish only to work with re-registration set the filter to "re-registration".

It is important to note that this list also controls if new students or existing students can register for a course or ensemble in the regular registration process.

With these settings in mind the list has the following columns:

  1. Course type: This is the type of tuition possible for each course and can differ depending on each course. When a student re-registers on a course or an ensemble it is necessary that this course type is set to "yes" for this particular student to be able to re-register.
  2. Course: This is the name of either the course or in the case of an ensemble the ensemble name.
  3. Allow re-registration: As the name says it's possible to allow or not allow re-registration for the students. Select "yes" to let the student choose to re-register or "No" not to be able to re-register. Setting "No" will inform the student in the overview of their re-registration that the course/ensemble is unavailable for re-registration.
  4. Continues in "School year 17/18" as... : This gives the possibility to redirect the choice for re-registration onto a different ensemble than the one initially displayed to the student when they re-register. As an example, this could be useful in the case off an ensemble being named "Bongo group - Beginners" and continues the next school year as "Bongo group - Advanced" . This change will be done behind the scenes and the students will at the moment of re-registration get "Bongo group - Beginners" listed and once they are have re-registered they are then transferred and placed on "Bongo group - Advanced" . If they are meant to continue on the exact same ensemble the identical group name will be listed in this column.

Once this list has been set as intended it is possible to move on to the general settings for the re-registration form.

General settings

The settings dedicated to the re-registration process are located in SETTINGS -> REGISTRATION SETTINGS -> GENERALLY (Tab) -> Boxed section named "existing students" (1).

Since the re-registration process is intended for existing students it requires registration for existing students to be open. Next to this button there are to options to allow simply "register" or "register and re-register"(4) the later allows to select new courses (register) and also to re-register (allready attended courses & ensembles)

Send confirmation to re-registered student (2): This options determines if the system automatically sends out an email confirmation once the student has completed the re-registration. This template has a standard text set in Speedadmin but it's possible to edit this through the link underneath "Edit email template".

Other options (3): This section covers other options for each course or ensemble in the re-registration form. Hover the mouse over the ?-icon to get a more detailed explanation.

Once these options are checked and set your basically set to have students re-register. Make sure that if the option "Registration open" is set to "Yes" and "Register and re-register" is selected (4).

Now if you are ready to let the re-registration commence you will have to let the students know that the option is available. Use the messaging system in Speedadmin to notify students that have the option to re-register. This could be all active students or a select few ensembles.

As a last note remember that when students re-register they re-register from the current school year INTO the coming schoolyear. This means that as long as the re-registration is ongoing do NOT change the "Students log into this school year" to the next school year.

What does the student or guardian do to re-register?

Once the re-registration is opened students can log into speedadmin and access a link on their start page (portal) called "re-registration".

This option will be displayed for all students but as mentioned in the guide previously, if the course or ensemble isn't allowed it will not be possible for the students to re-register.

It is always possible to select a "new" course through the re-registration form or other options, usually available for existing students, such as "Hire an instrument" or applying for a voucher.

As the students start re-registering one can set a deadline for when re-registration ends.

This will also be necessary since all students at some point will have to log in to the new school year and once the switch to the new school year is set to the new school year log-in and re-registration in the now "old" school year is not possible anymore.

Monitoring progress

To better determine the progress of the re-registration and possibly detect issues among re-registration for the students there is a progress indicator accessible under SETTINGS -> REGISTRATION SETUP -> GENERALLY (Tab) -> (right hand box) Re-registration overview.

Once you have accessed this list it is IMPORTANT to switch the school year to the new school year. Since the indicator needs to look at the new school year since Students re-register INTO the new school year.

Each group of students in the status list has a mail icon for quick messaging to remind students who haven't completed the process yet.

Once the re-registration period has ended, go the the "registration open" section in the registration setup. Here you can change the indicator from "Register and re-register" to "Register. This closes the possibility for students to re-register and only makes the usual registration availiable.



 Beneath you see our webinar from march 2019 showing how to setup new school year and re-registration (6:20)


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