Excel import templates

In this article you there are excel templates attached for the purpose of importing data to Speedadmin. Within the sheets are fixed columns added and some explenation is provided within these sheets attached. Please follow these instructions provided here and the instructions within the sheets to ensure that the import process can be completed timely and without errors.

Further information that should be provided:

  • School year – This information is needed if it is relevant for the specific type of data. (as an example when importing ensemles)
  • Please add the name of your institution to the sheet name when uploading it via our secure upload link. This will avoid any misunderstanding.
  • If there is a need to add data that isn’t mentioned in the fixed columns please contact speedware support here.
  • Upload of the sheets for processing by the speedadmin team can be done here.
  • After the sheets have been uploaded please follow up with a email to support@speedware.dk
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