Fields and questions in the registration/re-registration form

To edit the personal information being requested during registration and re-registration in the online form and add questions follow these steps:

  1. Access the "Registration setup" by selecting "Settings" in the top menu -> (Registration and de-registration) "Registration setup".
  2. Once you are on on the main page for the "Registration setup" select the tab "Fields".
  3. In the "Fields" tab you can edit the different Field setups that are registered and possibly associated to courses.

    These fields can on the course datacards be selected so that the students in the registration process would be asked to fill in a different set of fields. There always is minimum of 1 set of fields named "standard". If several courses with several field set are selected in the registration, the fields and questions will be combined.
  4. By selecting the "Edit" button you are able to change the hierachy of fields, what fields to remove/add and if the fields are mandatory fields that are "Required" (registration) or "Must accept" (re-registration). In the case that you create additional fields you can rename the different sets of fields aswell.
  5. Fields can be removed (red cross) and added (drop down -> Add) for both the student and Guardian section.
  6. If you wisch to create a extra set of registration fields you can create the set from scratch by pressing "Add new fieldset"

    or alternatively copying a set of fields to add or subtract fields or questions.

Adding questions

Before you are able to add a question to the fields the question has to be formulated in text and defined what type of answer this question permits.

To create and add a question to the fields do as follows:

  1. In the bottom of each field set there is a section called "Question". In this section already added questions are displayed. Press the pencil icon to create a new question.

  2. In the edit questions menu you can type in the text for the question in the empty field under "Field name". In the "Field type column you find a drop down that defines how the student or guardian kan answer this question. Some field types like "short text" allow for more freedom in answering the question. "Field types" such as "Yes/No" allows for a clear answer with only 2 possible outcomes.

  3. Once "Field name" and "Field type" are defined press "Insert" to add the question to the pool. Close the dialog box (X)
  4. Now the question has been added to the pool of questions you still need to add it to the field set. Press the drop down in the questions section and select the question and select "Add".
  5. Now the question is added and active in the form and registration. Finish your edditing of the fields by pressing SAVE.


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